We face it all, and try to stand tall*


We face challenges every day. We make it our objective to deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions that will stand the test of time.

*Apologies to Paul Anka for the words and Buster Keaton for the image.


Computers and ancillary equipment have become a lot more powerful and easier to use, but effectively managing your organization’s information has become a lot more complex. Information Management has over one hundred and fifty customers in Lebanon and, in dealing and working with these clients, we have identified major challenges that we face today.


It is essential to work with a third party maintenance provider that can extend the life of existing hardware to enable you to make the most of your assets without losing quality and availability. Our team of experts has extensive experience in installing, configuring, maintaining, repairing, and refurbishing Information Technology equipment.


End users need to be able to access data themselves without the coordination of a central data centre. We make information available to the end user for ad hoc decision support. We respond immediately to requests for support and usually bring back equipment and application online in a record time.


Today's organization requires high availability, fault tolerance and complete data integrity. IML technical team has supervised the implementation of a multitude of Disaster Recovery sites for critical IT installations in the banking sector.


Organizations must be able to use existing data that is stored on different systems without difficulty by using reliable communication systems based on different networking techniques and methods.


IML prides itself to have connected to the worldwide digital networks at the onset of the introduction of the internet. We connected to the world through gateways located in Europe to keep our customers on line, in good and bad times.

We have also built and operated an integrated analogue and digital communication system for our leading customer, Banque Saradar. This infrastructure inherited our extensive experience for distributing news over the switched PSTN networks in 1983, reaching the, then exceptional, rates of 300 and 1200 Baud.


As the equipment supplied by Information Management lasts for a considerable length of time, our technical department keeps a full supply of parts, for items still in operation after 20 years of productive life.