AlTager is one of the latest creations of IML. AlTager build on over 25 years of experience in specialized software application, and our pioneering introduction of Bar-coding in the Retail and Banking industries in 1988. With over 50 installations deployed over the past few years, our applications are extremely popular application with businesses looking for robustness, versatility and powerful reporting features.

AlTager is an integrated software solution developed specifically and exclusively for the Distribution industry. AL-TAGER is continuously being developed in the Middle East, by a leading Lebanese software company, for the Middle East Distribution Market.

AlTager features:

  • In development since 1988.
  • Written using the latest Object Oriented Technology
  • Operates and evolves in a relational database environment.
  • Provides over 100 functions.
  • Totally integrated modules.
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Security.
  • AL-TAGER enforces data integrity throughout the application.
  • User friendly menus and windows used extensively.
  • Standard and consistent user interface.
  • User customisable access control to features and functions.
  • Fail Safe operation with optional redundancy.
  • Multi-Company.
  • Multi-Warehouse.
  • Multi-Branch.
  • Dual-Base currency and Multi-Currency throughout the application.

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