Le Factor

With over 13 years of extensive experience in the field of Factoring Software Development, IML has set a new standard in the ROI of this exceptional product. LeFactor is developed for the AIX operating system, the IBM leading platform, using the Informix Dynamic Server Database.

Amongst the unique features of LeFactor is its ability to operate in a dual reference currency, allowing multinational factoring enterprises to abide by the accounting rules of the national company and providing an accurate historical picture of its financial performance within its international boundaries. All transactions appear throughout the application in three currencies.

  • The currency of the transaction – useful for International or cross border factoring
  • The first reference currency – used to report to the national financial authorities
  • The second reference currency – used for consolidation and day to day headquarters reporting

Other features related to security and access control, as well as a large set of detailed reports, are available to Management.

Clients of LeFactor have access to a website, with a variety of reports, with the ability to use its information locally. The export subsystem interfaces to Microsoft Office, PDF, email and other leading publishing methods.

One of IMLs’ customers, with around 20 member staff, is generating a turnover of over half a billion dollar, in an extremely small market.

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